What is Concurrent Technologies?

Concurrent Technologies focuses on the implementation of web-based solutions that address critical enterprise IT performance issues:

Business Intelligence

Concurrent Technologies Knosys™ Executive Information System enables companies of all kinds to extract the information they need to drive effective strategy development and implementation. Working with both internal and external information sources, Knosys finds, integrates and presents data in a form that enables fast, accurate decision-making.

Work Item Management

Concurrent Technologies WIM™ (Work Item Management) helps companies streamline the workflows that support customer engagements—inquiries, orders, fulfillment, etc.—while improving productivity and customer satisfaction and reducing error rates and delivery times. WIM integrates customer transactions across multiple channels (e.g., phone, web, e-mail, fax) and coordinates the work effort needed for fulfillment by multiple business groups.

CRM Solution

Concurrent Technologies ReachSpark™ Solution helps match customer service resources to the changing needs of the marketplace by collecting valuable marketing information about customers—interests, purchases, ongoing dialogs, preferences, etc.—that can be used to proactively deliver targeted messages to them.

Cloud Computing/Managed Hosting

Concurrent Technologies provides managed cloud computing/hosting services that can be adapted to specific enterprise IT needs.

Custom Software Development

Concurrent Technologies develops custom software to support critical functions, including content management, inventory management, customer management, human resource management, or otherwise to fill the gaps present in the existing software packages.


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